Moving to the Cloud and Staying PCI Compliant


We are seeing a lot of trends where organisations are moving to the cloud. If you haven’t moved to the cloud, you’ve probably been asked about it by at least one person in your organisation. The biggest players that we see in the cloud space are: Amazon Web Services [...]

Moving to the Cloud and Staying PCI Compliant2020-04-01T13:57:56+13:00

Automated Pen-testing and PCI DSS: A QSA Perspective


Automated penetration testing (pen-testing) is an up-and-coming approach that aims to address the issues businesses face with more traditional approaches to pen-testing, which relies almost completely on the skill and experience of pen-testers and the budget and timeframes applied to the pen-testing engagement. […]

Automated Pen-testing and PCI DSS: A QSA Perspective2020-06-02T12:34:52+13:00

PCI By the Numbers 2019


Every year, Verizon publishes a report on PCI DSS and the key findings from the year. 2019 was no different. One of the most interesting findings of this report is how few organisations have a programme in place to measure the maturity of the PCI compliance program. Approximately 60% of organisations that were surveyed did [...]

PCI By the Numbers 20192020-03-16T10:02:14+13:00