CCSS Audits

CCSS Audits2022-07-18T12:52:55+13:00

CryptoCurrency Security Standard Audits

In July 2022, Confide became one of the first organisations in the world to have staff qualified as CCSSAs. This means that our assessors can offer independent assurance for organisations looking to achieve compliance against the CCSS (CryptoCurrency Security Standard). Although tailored to an organisation’s needs, the audit process generally includes:

  • A CCSS readiness for audit assessment
  • A remediation plan as required
  • Full audit & certification
  • A re-audit cycle to ensure CCSS is being managed in an ongoing fashion.

Once the audit is complete, documentation is sent to a further independent CCSSA for peer review as required by C4 (the CryptoCurrency Certification Consortium). Once the audit documentation is completed, Confide will create the final documentation required by C4 for issuing the certification.

Independent assurance remains our core business for CCSS, PCI DSS or ISO27001. It’s our aim to help organizations develop what we term ‘sustainable compliance’, whereby these standards are not just used as a tick box exercise, but rather as a key part of an organizations wider and ongoing risk management program.


Packages and services include:

  1. CCSS Readiness for Audit Assessment.
  2. CCSS Audit & Certification.
  3. CCSS Consulting for projects.
  4. Ongoing assurance as part of our CCSSA Managed Assurance Program (CMAP).
  5. CCSS Training and Awareness programs.