Quasar Card Scanning

Confide is the exclusive reseller of Quasar in New Zealand, an application that allows customers to scan servers, mailboxes, and databases across their environment for cardholder data that is not protected in accordance with specific PCI DSS requirements.

Once you understand where cardholder data is stored in your environment, you can decide whether you need it or if it can be deleted.

The application is only one part of Quasar. The key difference between Quasar and other solutions is our analysts. Each set of results is reviewed by an analyst to minimise the risk of a report filled with false positives. Our analysts are trained in recognising and separating real cardholder data which means shorter reports that are easier for you to act on.

Quasar has been deployed in organisations of all sizes, and our analysts are trained in various deployment methods, so we can help your team regardless of the size of your environment.