Small Business PCI Support

Helping Small Businesses

At Confide, we know that most if not all small businesses rely on credit and debit cards for their revenue.

This is especially true for merchants who deal with customers on a daily basis in the retail, hospitality, tourism, and trade sectors. The way that customers want to buy things is rapidly changing with more customers wanting to be able to purchase things online or through other contactless methods.

What’s important is that you make sure that you keep your customers’ data safe. This helps maintain that trust that you’ve built through your business since customers know that they can trust you when they shop with you.

Confide offers small business PCI packages that can bundle several of our services together and provide you with independent assurance targeted at small businesses.

We have base and premium packages that can be customised depending on what your business needs.

Contact us for more information about how we can help your small business become PCI DSS compliant and maintain that compliance over time.

Benefits of PCI Compliance

Reduce the risk of breaches and fines by ensuring that you have a baseline level of security.
Confide QSAs have specialist knowledge about PCI and work hard to make sure that even if you’ve never heard of PCI until your bank asked you for compliance, we explain it in a way that anyone can understand.

Provide assurance to your acquiring bank and to your customers that you’re taking payments securely.