How Often is Periodic

The term “periodic” is not new to PCI DSS. But in Version 4, we see a new approach that wraps more governance around the meaning of periodic in Section 7 of PCI DSS V4.0. Periodic becomes a measure that is unique to every organisation.

Governance plays a big role in this because:

  • 12.3.1: Every periodic requirement must have a frequency defined that is supported by a risk assessment.

How many requirements will you have to define the frequency of? It’s probably a lot more than you thought!

  • Periodically evaluate systems that are not at risk for malware
  • If periodic malware scans are used the frequency needs to be defined
  • Evaluate access by application and system accounts periodically
  • 8.6.3: Change passwords / passphrases for system accounts periodically
  • Perform periodic inspections of POI devices
  • Perform periodic log reviews of systems that do not require daily log review
  • Address all other vulnerabilities (beyond high / critical) from vulnerability scans periodically
  • 11.6.1: Perform change and tamper protection on modification to the HTTP headers and contents of payment pages at least every 7 days or periodically
  • 12.10.4: Train personnel responsible for responding to security incidents periodically

Each of these requirements will need to have it’s own targeted risk assessment which means that there will be a lot more oversight and governance required even when it comes to defining how often you perform certain requirements!

Need Help With Targeted Risk Assessments?

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