We’ve been mentioning it for years now, but in some exciting PCI DSS news, Version 4.0 is actually coming soon.

On 22 January 2022, the PCI SSC released the stakeholder preview of version 4.0. And while we are still under an NDA and can’t talk about it, we’re excited to say that we’re already starting to put together some great content that we can’t wait to talk about.

We are expecting Version 4.0 to go ‘live’ to everyone at the end of March 2022 with the new version of the standard and the updated reporting documents. Version 4.0 is expected to bring a lot of changes, including:

  • New requirements
  • Changes to reporting
  • Updates to existing requirements

Keep an eye out on our blog for more Version 4.0 content starting in March / April 2022. And if you’re a participating organisation, make sure your Primary Contact downloads the documents so you can get a look at them as soon as possible.

Whether you’re assessing against Version 3.2.1 or hoping to move to Version 4.0 as soon as possible, contact us to see how we can help with your PCI DSS compliance regardless of whether you’ve been doing PCI DSS since Version 1.0 or if you think your first assessment will use Version 4.0.