Compliance as Business as Usual

PCI DSS is a continuous process. As the Standard has evolved, more requirements are involve integrating the activities into part of your business as usual (BAU) processes and security strategies. This involves more frequent checks of your security programme.

Managed Assurance Programme

We understand that not all businesses are large enough to have a dedicated team member to perform these internal checks. Confide can provide subject-matter expertise to help perform ongoing checks of your BAU activities for PCI DSS compliance and help identify any issues early on to minimise the risk of an extended remediation period when your QSA comes onsite to do your annual validation.

Our Managed Assurance Programme (MAP) can be tailored to your environment and can include a number of other supporting services, including:

We can also help improve the maturity of your internal PCI compliance programme. By using our specialist knowledge to assist your internal compliance team, you can improve the overall effectiveness and efficiency of your internal PCI compliance programme while building your team’s competencies in PCI DSS.

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